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Cable Replacement

Cable Replacement - Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates

Garage door cables are a necessity to a working garage door. They are what pull your door open and help it to close, too. They act as a safety when your garage door torsion springs wear out.

How do you know if your garage door cables are causing problems? Some signs are:

  • Your garage door may stick. However, other factors may cause your door to stick, as well – the weather and your garage door opener to name a few.
  • Your door lowers too quickly. A broken spring can cause this, too.

Often times, cables are repaired with your extension springs since the cable is used to connect the spring to the door. Even though they are steel, they wear over time.

Cable issues noted here are not always easy to determine on your own. This is not a D-I-Y project. Your garage door is extremely heavy. So, for your safety’s sake, call and schedule an appointment with one of Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates’ certified technicians. They’ll be able to easily assess your garage door and solve any issues you may have.


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